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Read both the links to get some good insights: http://healbybachflowers.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/how-to-use-bach-flower-remedies/ and http://healbybachflowers.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/how-to-use-bach-flower-remedies-2/

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  1. i want to marry my Galfrnd bt her family is against us…. bcoz i hv no good job plzz m vv deprssd i want her as my wife

  2. Dear sir

    I have been trying to communicate with u to no avail, not sure u receiving text.

  3. Rupesh -----Pls. help most urgently

    Dear sir My child is 3 month old having water in his brain doctor suggest to do shunt surgery how to solved this problem without doing this surgery by god blesses suggest strong solution.

  4. hello naran sir,
    my name is lavanya,dob 3-2-1979,am married and having son of 4 years,before marriage I used to work as MBA lecturer.then I stopped my job when I was pregnant.now I want to restart my career.i want a job.i have done a software course to look a job in the same stream as of my husband.but I am not able to get job.am totally depressed in my life.my husband also scolding me to work.am not able to understand which side to go whether software side or faculty side.please suggest me a mantra for getting a right job for me and restart my career.my relationship with my husband is also not proper due to this reason.please help me in getting job and lead my life peacefully.

  5. sir
    i want to finish my degree with very good marks.i am working really very hard.if i fail to get good marks my parents will feel very bad.they are spending so much money for my studies even though i work hard i am having 5 arreirs papers. now i am going to give the papers re evaluation.since we are middle class family i dont want to let them down.please suggest some mantras for me to get good marks and get passmarks in the failed papers while re evaluation.please help me
    thank you sirji
    regards jehan

  6. sir I’ve final exam of 1st year from 20th sept 2014 and I’m very much nervous ….I’m very much nervous for 2 subjects History and journalism… I’m doing hard work to understand,read and learn but ain’t satisfied that I’d read sir please tell me chants so that I can learn and able to keep it in my memory and get good marks by your blessings…..i reallyy need your help sir… please

  7. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  8. I had love marriage couple of years back & since then things are not going well between us coz of multiple factors. Also, We are trying for baby but have not succeeded yet, so plz suggest us something.

  9. my marraige was fiex on 2013.but it was flopped due to various reason.but i still love him.nw his marraige is fixes with a new girl..i cant leave without him…plz advice any mantra to change his mins..and get back..plzz help

  10. Please help. My son was convicted and sentenced to 45 yrs for a murder he didn’t commit. The officials knows this, but yet used him as a scapegoat. Could you give me a SW that would help 1.expose what was done to my son and 2. for his immediate release

  11. Pl I posted my problem but I hv not received the Solution

  12. Hi sir, i am feeling very lonely and i have a lot of family members also and i have 3 years old kid i am blessed with that i am looking for permanent job and am not getting any thing i am frustrated with that first, and my husband is very short tempered i dont know what to do with this i am feeling like i am alive staying in the different planet, can you please give suggestion for me to get a good job on role kind? and i am very much frustated.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I am in love with a guy, but his parents are against for our marriage. Please help me.. His parents should accept for our marriage… please help me since we are in a stressfull situation

  14. Sir. Pls help me.
    Iam stuck in divorce case since 2019.
    I want my husband to compromise.
    But they are not responding.

  15. Respected Sir, My brother Tarun Chandna aged only 36 has been diagnosed with Aplastic anemia. His bone marrow cellularity is less. Doctors said that transplant is the only solution. Please suggest switchword to increase bone marrow stem cells, RBC, WBC and Platelets. Please suggest mantra for his well being. Highly thankful to you.

  16. My brother facing kidney failure in final stage. Can you please suggest mantra Or switchwords for him to recover from kidney problem.

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