Be Smart


How many minutes I have to chant “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE.” and at which time and in which Mudra?


Be smart! When you are in dire need, you should not ask how many times. Chant as many times as possible. I need not tell you that.

When you want to get something, go all out.

I asked you to chant. Did I mention about any Mudra? Why this type of doubt? Did I mention any particular time?

Further, I want to say that chanting without analysing the meaning is immensely beneficial.

When you want to know the meaning, or when you see a dictionary to know the meaning, your rational mind is building up resistance and you will never achieve what is needed.

Our subconscious mind is an automatic machine and these words act like switches of subconscious mind. Any doubt or any question will cut off the switch. It is important to believe. Believe totally.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. Sir , my sons freind is trying for a job , gives interview every 3rd day , but is always rejected,
    kindly advise.

  3. Hell Sir, from childhood by the surrounding people tend to me believe inferior abt me for dark complexion and day by day I started giving low respect to myself. i m now a low self esteem, low confidence , daydreamer, lazy n stubborn girl. I really want to be a responsible person. I have lost senses of winner which I had in my school days. after college I had to struggle for job n now I m working but still not happy I do silly mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. I am totally confused person who dont know what I want from life. Hope u will give me some guidance. I became like a machine. I bought pine gorse n gentian yesterday .

  4. Many thanks for your help here. The old me would never believe you didn’t need to understand it. I’m seeing that this may be true in life in general….Maybe we don’t need to try to understand anything. Just do. Thank you.

  5. Sir I am using your CD’s Release Fear and Energy Motivation Can I listen the audio while doing some other work. Or I need to listen it with full concentration without doing anything else. Please let me know . Thanks

  6. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

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