What combination I need to chant now?

As soon as Naran suggests a remedy, the immediate response from some of the readers would be, “I am chanting ‘A’ and ‘B’. Can I chant them along with the new one suggested?” This post addresses that question and some more.

Can I chant different combinations at various times?

Yes you can chant different combinations of chants at different times.

However, for better results, pick one or two and chant the relevant combinations.

Which one to chant?

Whatever was suggested latest, chant that.

I have given two problems, but you have suggested only one set

The interesting thing is irrespective of the different situations we are in our mental state remains the same.

So based on your mental state, remedies are suggested. So chant them, it will handle both the situations – as your mental state is healed, the situations are healed too.

Chanting for multiple situations

Desperate girl

Can I chant for two conditions at the same time? Say for e.g. I chant for relationship problems and getting a job–is that ok? Chanting for a couple of conditions at the same time will not cross out the effect is it?

Please let me know– I am chanting for job and relationships to be ok. Hope it is not clashing and delaying my getting a job.


Desperation will never help. Only quiet mind open heart and relaxed state will help (Chant this too – “Quiet Mind Open Hear Relax”).

Yes you can chant for both.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir
    i am 21years of age
    i am a kiratokonus and floaters patient
    too young to bear these kinda disease
    day by day my condition is getting worse
    is this mantra realy help?
    please help me sir i am very depressed
    i want to acheive so many things in my life
    but due to my eye disease
    i am not able to concentrate
    i dont know what to do
    what should i do sir
    please help me

  2. surabhi
    take the flower remedies MUSTARD WILLOW AGRIMONY two pills each three times a day.

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