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Please check with a physician if you suspect you are ill. Determine the root cause and treat it as you deem appropriate, with your doctor involved in the process.

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Always discuss any medical condition or its treatment including natural therapies with your Health Care Provider.

  1. Kindly inform on how to post comments on new web site. I have also subscribed for updates. Do i need to do in each section or only on home page is sufficient?


  2. Resp sir,
    I am dr.prashant , I have been suffering from GULLIAN BARRE SYNDOME (auto immune disease) since 2 years. In this disease nerves get affected. Myelin sheath of the nerve fibre gets damaged. Nerves get demyelinated. I am bed ridden since 2 years. 85 percent of my body was affected, including arms, chest , abdomen, legs.

    Now except legs everything is ok. But still I am bed ridden. Legs have recovered up to 60 percent, recovery is very slow, process of re myelination of nerves is very slow.

    Plz suggest me something, so that I can walk. Re myelination gets faster.
    Kindly help me

    Thanks a lot lot lot. Plz respond.

  3. Namaste guruji,
    I am priya,my father is kidney patient,both kidneys have been shrunk.goes for dialysis twice in a week.
    Kindly help me out.

  4. Help me dear Naran My family don’t want to give My grandmother’s heritage to My brother and I, they are stealing it and My mother is taking our part with her sibblings. It’s just like a horror story.We are suffering by financial and mental problems about this. It’s a big pain.

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