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Chanting for Family Members


My father is suffering from liver cancer, at an advanced stage. Please suggest something that will help him staying in the best possible condition.



The meaning of the mantra is, “The God will not leave us in the lurch”.


Please clarify me whether I alone should chant it or ask my parents also do chanting.


All of you – family members, relatives and friends, need to chant.


Be Smart


How many minutes I have to chant “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE.” and at which time and in which Mudra?


Be smart! When you are in dire need, you should not ask how many times. Chant as many times as possible. I need not tell you that.

When you want to get something, go all out.

I asked you to chant. Did I mention about any Mudra? Why this type of doubt? Did I mention any particular time?

Further, I want to say that chanting without analysing the meaning is immensely beneficial.

When you want to know the meaning, or when you see a dictionary to know the meaning, your rational mind is building up resistance and you will never achieve what is needed.

Our subconscious mind is an automatic machine and these words act like switches of subconscious mind. Any doubt or any question will cut off the switch. It is important to believe. Believe totally.

One problem at a time

BK Nair

We have a lot of problems including financial problems, arguments with me and my husbands. We need a foreign job for financial stability


Come with only one problem which is to be solved first.

Two mantras at a time


Can I chant two mantras at a time – Srinivasa Aravindalochana for removal of evil eye and Hare Rama Hare Krishna for good health?


Take one issue at a time.

First chant the mantra, “SRINIVASA ARAVINDHALOCHANA”.

How to figure out which problem or issues to be addressed first:

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