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Meditating on Pictures


How to meditate on Flowers, animals, gems, water, and colors? What words to be used in doing this meditation?


Don’t assume anything big for the word Meditation.

Meditating on the flowers means is to look at the pictures with deep attention and gratitude in the heart.

Even if you look at the picture for 5 minutes it is enough.


For different life situations we have prepared some pictures of the flowers.

Either you can buy them at the centre or download from the internet.

However, the pictures prepared by us are compact – especially when there are multiple pictures like Safety for Women, which include the switch word GUARD.

They can be kept in the purse.

You can download it and post it on your wallpaper of your computer or mobile.

By keeping the picture with you and looking at them several times during the day, you are filled with the energy field of the remedies, animal spirit guides etc.

Of course, some pictures are big, which are supposed to be hanged in the wall or pasted on the door.

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